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Did you know selling real estate belonging to an estate or trust often creates tax benefits for the beneficiaries? Sadly, many beneficiaries fail to capitalize on these benefits. Our team of realtors and tax professionals, with experience in probate and trust administration, are equipped to help sell real estate while advising on best practices for tax purposes.

Probate Estates

One of the most common activities completed by an administrator, executor, or personal representative of an estate is to sale of a home. Due to unexpected circumstances, these pieces of real estate are not often sale ready. We specialize in the handling of such properties and will help you maximize your sales price while selling in the time needed.


While trusts may have less administrative steps than an estate would, the concepts are still the same. We will help you sale property held in a trust while maximizing tax deductions available to beneficiaries through the process. Just as the decedent would have wanted, we want all beneficiaries to take home as much as possible.


Why pick up capital gains and pay tax if you don’t have to? There are many opportunities available for exchanging properties for another like-kind property, which, if done right, delays the recognition of gains.

Realtor Services

You don’t have to be performing a 1031 exchange or administering and estate/trust to use CPA Attorney. CPA Attorney can serve as your realtor for all buying and selling needs.

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