The Importance of Comprehensive Tax and Financial Planning

The Importance of Comprehensive Tax and Financial Planning

August 07, 20235 min read

The Importance Of Comprehensive Tax And Financial Planning

Taxes and finances can be major sources of anxiety, amplified by the fact that a simple mistake can result in significant consequences. While tax preparation can be time consuming, resources are available to lessen the burden. Through comprehensive tax and financial planning, taxpayers can become better equipped to handle their obligations and optimize their money. We believe that financial planning should be as simple and streamlined as possible. We accomplish this by offering comprehensive and holistic services. As experienced CPAs and knowledgeable attorneys, we approach tax and financial planning from a fresh perspective. What sets us apart from other law firms is the ability to provide counsel on a wide variety of financial and legal issues. If you are looking to utilize tax and financial planning strategies to stretch your dollar, consider contacting CPA Attorney at (702) 852-2577.

What Is Tax and Financial Planning?

At its core, financial planning involves reviewing a person’s entire fiscal portfolio and providing advice regarding ways to achieve short- and long-term financial goals. It is a step-by-step process that requires careful examination at every stage. In tandem with tax planning, financial planning helps to reduce risk and ensure that a person remains in good legal financial standing.

Tax planning relies on a person’s established financial plan, making certain that all elements work together to create the lowest possible tax bill. One of the primary goals of this type of planning is to reduce tax liability and optimize deductions to create the ideal outcome. By taking a strategic approach, a person may be able to maximize income while minimizing taxes. A comprehensive financial plan serves as a guide through life’s journey. It allows for the control of income, expenditures, and investments in an organized, structured manner. In this way, tax and financial planning is a valuable tool that can help individuals at every stage of life.

Navigating Tax Legislation

Tax law is full of complexities, making it difficult to stay up to date on how state and federal legislation affects individual tax returns. A major benefit of seeking outside assistance is that tax lawyers and accountants are responsible for knowing the nuances involved in tax law. Knowledgeable legal counsel can help ensure compliance with tax law while helping clients fully reap the benefits of all applicable legislation. For instance, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, SECURE Act, and Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2019 made significant changes to income tax and retirement planning.

Tax legislation is greatly important and must be weighed when making tax decisions; therefore, it is essential for taxpayers to be aware of how changes in legislation impact individual tax returns. An experienced attorney at CPA Attorney can help individual taxpayers understand how to leverage tax law to gain the most advantage. When evaluating tax legislation, all of the following play a role and can be leveraged to improve tax returns:

● Above-the-line deductions

● Health savings account deductions

● IRA contributions

● Retirement plan contributions

● Charitable donations

● Below-the-line deductions

● Mortgage interest expenses

● Medical expenses

What Are the Benefits of Tax and Financial Planning?

There are several benefits associated with tax and financial planning, but foremost is the ability to develop future goals and agendas. Additionally, there are numerous practical benefits associated with financial planning, including the opportunity to:

● Increase savings: Creating a financial plan often results in giving an individual a better understanding of his or her income and expenses. Thus, a person can become better able to track and consciously reduce costs and, consequently, increase the amount he or she can put into savings each month.

● Improve standard of living: Through careful investment and planning, it is wholly possible for an individual to improve his or her wealth and standard of living.

● Prepare for emergencies: A recent survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education states that over a third of Americans are concerned that they do not have enough money in emergency savings. Establishing an emergency fund is critical to financial planning. Dedicating a specific amount of money for emergency purposes allows a person to avoid worrying about procuring funds in the event of job loss or other unexpected circumstances. Therefore, it is important to have a robust emergency fund to turn to that can be used to pay for bills and expenses in a timely manner during a difficult financial situation, which can sometimes last for several months.

● Save money on taxes: At CPA Attorney, we approach legal issues dually from a law perspective and also from a tax perspective. Many people are unaware of how to navigate state and federal law to reduce their annual tax spending. By seeking assistance from an experienced tax and financial planning attorney, a taxpayer can potentially save thousands on taxes every year.

● Plan for retirement: Saving for retirement is a difficult endeavor, and setting money aside after taxes and other expenses can sometimes feel impossible. Thankfully, there are several retirement savings options that provide avenues for setting aside income without paying taxes on that income. An experienced financial attorney can help you better understand how to navigate retirement savings while reducing tax burden.

The benefits of tax and financial planning are clear. By preparing for the future, a taxpayer can be better able to handle all the stuff life throws at him or her. Financial plans provide templates for action and decision-making and direct those actions toward the desired outcomes. This, in turn, can have substantial mental and emotional benefits as well.

How Can a CPA Attorney Help?

Wealth management is challenging and complex. As a leading tax and financial planning Nevada law firm, our skilled lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you optimize your finances. Given our expertise in both accounting and law, we provide comprehensive services to our clients, all in one location. We approach each financial portfolio with fresh eyes, employing unique strategies to better help our clients’ plan for their futures.

While tax and financial planning can be stressful, it does not need to be overwhelming. Through creative legal strategies and skillful implementation of tax law, it is possible to save money, plan for retirement, and avoid burdensome taxes. For more information or to speak with an experienced attorney, consider contacting CPA Attorney at (702) 852-2577 today.

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