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How Working With An Accountant And Lawyer Can Benefit Your Business

August 07, 20235 min read

How Working With An Accountant And Lawyer Can Benefit Your Business

As a business owner, reducing risk and optimizing profits are two of your primary goals. Uncertainties and business issues inevitably arise, however, and it becomes more and more important to seek professional assistance to address these challenges. Through careful planning and strategizing, it is possible to mitigate risk and protect your business against both financial and legal liability. In this way, working with an accountant and lawyer can benefit your business in multiple ways.


At CPA Attorney, we work alongside business owners and entrepreneurs to provide comprehensive financial and legal counsel. As a licensed CPA and attorney, our firm has more resources and experience to address all issues of business ownership. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, working with CPA Attorney accountants and lawyers can benefit your business. For more detail, consider contacting us at 702-852-2577 today. 

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

Business lawyers provide advice and legal services to ensure that companies are in compliance with business regulations and that all business operations are legal. By anticipating challenges that may arise for business owners in the future, lawyers attempt to avoid such issues. Some of the most common legal issues that business lawyers handle include:


       Business formation and structuring

       Intellectual property concerns

      Drafting and negotiating contracts

      Conflict resolution

      Mergers and acquisitions

      Real estate and property disputes

      Tax compliance


Given the diverse number of issues that businesses must work through in day-to-day operations, business attorneys typically possess a broad skillset. As such, a business lawyer often serves as a trusted partner in the owning and management of a company.

How Can a Lawyer Benefit Your Business?

Whether you are in the process of establishing your business or are a longtime business owner, working with a lawyer can substantially benefit your business. Experienced business attorneys can help you understand all of your legal rights and obligations under the law, can skillfully negotiate on your behalf, and can prevent you from making potentially devastating mistakes. In essence, a lawyer has the knowledge, training, and skillset to advise you properly regarding your business.

A business attorney can assist with several aspects of business ownership and formation, including the following:

Business Transactions

The nature of business is transactional, and lawyers work with business owners to establish the daily routines and operations of their companies. This can include providing help with project financing, contract negotiations, free-trade agreements, due diligence issues, and navigating relationships with customers, employees, distributors, and suppliers.

Business Taxes

Dealing with tax issues as a business owner can be extremely frustrating and challenging. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs are forced to direct their attention away from their business and focus instead on complex tax issues. Even the most innocent mistakes can result in expensive and time-consuming tax challenges. It is therefore important to handle business taxes with the utmost case. As licensed accountants, CPA Attorney is well-positioned to manage and advise you on your business’s tax issues.


Scaling Business

As consumers continue to look to online retailors for their needs, more and more business owners are scaling their companies through e-commerce. Scaling a business may entail shifting to online marketplaces or, alternatively, selling products across state or country lines. There are specific legal challenges that arise when starting an online business or scaling your company to different regions or countries, however. Lawyers can benefit your business by ensuring that you follow Federal Trade Commission regulations, pay sales taxes correctly, and review your business model to allow for increased scalability.

Business lawyers also can help create employee handbooks, ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws, and ensure that your business complies with harassment and discrimination statutes. Working with a business attorney can help ensure that your legal and financial rights remain protected throughout the life of your business.

Do I Need an Accountant for My Business?

There are over 50,000 businesses in Nevada, employing over half a million individuals and accounting for over $20 million dollars in annual payroll. This points to the overwhelming importance of financial literacy and compliance with state and federal regulations. Even the smallest financial mistake can have serious consequences. With increasingly complex tax issues added each year, more and more business owners are turning to accountants for help.

While the duties of an accountant will always change depending on the business owner’s needs and goals, accountants commonly handle the following tasks:


·       Tax and financial planning

·       Tax resolution and relief

·       Data management

·       Tax preparation

·       Financial analysis and consultation

·       Regulatory compliance

Research shows that 89% of small businesses state that they are more successful with an accountant or advisor. This may be credited to that fact that accountants help businesses survive and flourish. While working with an accountant is not required, many business owners find that as their company grows, so do the demands for their time and energy. For this reason, seeking additional assistance regarding financial compliance and taxes often becomes necessary.

CPAs measure, monitor, and advise the appropriate course of action to accomplish an entrepreneur’s business objectives. Accountants can lay out strategic plans, make their clients more profitable, and navigate complex tax issues. In sum, accountants can be a valuable and trusted counterpart for business owners 

How Can a CPA Attorney Benefit Your Business?

Working with an accountant and lawyer can help you understand legal and financial issues, and therefore help your business in a substantial way. While most business owners must seek out an accountant and a lawyer separately, CPA Attorney is an all-in-one service. As licensed accountants and lawyers, we offer a unique perspective and can handle a wider range of issues as compared to other stand-alone law or accounting firms.

If you are a business owner, CPA Attorney is here to help with the operation of your company. By leveraging our dynamic background, we assist entrepreneurs with every aspect of business ownership, helping them avoid serious legal and financial issues along the way. For more information regarding how CPA Attorney can help protect your business, consider contacting us today at 702-852-2577 to speak with an experienced accountant and attorney.

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